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Agewell Pharmacy

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We provide patients access to needed, commercially unavailable dosage forms that better suit their medication preferences, needs and lifestyle. Patients who take this customized, more targeted form of medication enjoy higher compliance likelihood, efficacy and most importantly, quality of life. We specialize in dermal drug delivery, but also offer a full compliment of high quality pharmaceutical products including:

Alternate dosage forms Oral suspensions
Topical sprays/powders
Creams, ointments & lotions Injectables
Gels – topical/oral
Dental preparations Lollipops
Nasal sprays/solutions
Dermatological specialties
Discontinued combinations
Podiatric formulations
Flavor specialization
Combined dosages
Veterinary formulations
Homeopathic formulations Opthalmic specialties Preservative-free formulations

Because AgeWell provides compounded medications that are formulated to meet specific needs oftentimes via specific forms of delivery – doctors who prescribe our services see better therapeutic outcomes for their patients. Healthier, happier patients make your practice more successful and elevate your reputation as a leader in your field.

We are a compounding-only pharmacy – not a corporation.
We are members of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), the American
___Academy of Pain Management, the National Association of Sports
___Nutrition, the American Board of Anti-Aging Health and the Society of Cosmetic
___Chemists so you can be assured we are always abreast of the latest advancements
___in pharmaceutical compounding.
We offer unparalleled pharmaceutical knowledge in an ultra sterile, modern facility.
With our secure online prescription ordering system we can connect pharmacies,
___physicians and their patients. This e prescribing system enables physicians to send
___secure and reliable electronic prescriptions and maintain patient records. Your
___Patients also gain access to their prescription history, can request refills; send secure
___messages between the pharmacy and the physician, review prescription status - all
___on-line. This allows for error reduction, time savings, and improved communication
___with your patients. And if you don’t have internet access, simply scan your
___prescription using the same secure portal. Your ease of prescribing is our top priority.

We cover a wide variety of medical specialties:

  Dermatology Dentistry Sports Medicine
  Physical Therapy Pain Management Pediatrics
  Pulmonology Infertility Neurology
  Gynecology Sleep Medicine Neonatology
  Podiatry Homeopathy Hospice
  Ophthalmology Ear, Nose & Throat Mesotherapy
  Urology Diabetes/Wound Care Veterinary

You can send a fax, a scan or call in your order and we do the rest:
Contact patient to get all necessary information
Ship the medication (or they can always pick up the medication M-F 9-4:30)
Consult with the patient
Follow up and report results back to your office


Our services include Ketoprofen gel , Trimix injections , Ketamine topical gel and Natural estrogen replacement therapy.

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